Are Savannah cats legal in your state?

This list is a reference but state and county laws are constantly changing. Please check your local laws to make sure Savannahs are legal there. This list is for Savannah cats only. Since Savannah cats are a hybrid of Serval cats, this list does not apply to Servals.

Alabama: Legal
Alaska: Legal to own an F4 and beyond. F1-F3 are illegal to own unless grandfathered prior to Jan. 23, 2002, AND it is spayed/neutered, licensed with local officials, rabies vaccinated, registered with an approved registry, and microchipped.
Arkansas: Legal
Arizona: Legal
California: Legal
Colorado: Legal. Illegal in the city of the city of Denver.
Connecticut: Legal
Delaware: Illegal due to questions about the effectiveness of the rabies vaccine.
Florida: Legal
Georgia: Illegal. Only fourth generation Bengals allowed.
Hawaii: Illegal
Iowa: Illegal, however, Bengals and F4 Savannahs will be legal here shortly.
Idaho: Legal
Illinois: Legal
Indiana: Legal
Kansas: Legal
Kentucky: Legal
Louisiana: Legal
Massachusetts: Legal if you have a F4 or beyond. Illegal int he city of Boston.
Maryland: Hybrid over 30 pounds is illegal.
Maine: Legal
Michigan: Legal
Minnesota: Illegal in the city of Minneapolis
Missouri: Legal
Mississippi: Legal
Montana: Legal
North Carolina: Legal. Illegal in Wake county and New Haven county.
North Dakota: Legal
Nebraska: Illegal
New Hampshire: F1-F3 Illegal. F4 and beyond are legal.
New Jersey: Legal
New Mexico: Legal
Nevada: Legal
New York: Legal if you have an F5 or beyond. Illegal in the city of New York, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.
Ohio: Ban proposed on Savannahs - March 6, 2012, to begin January 2014.
Oklahoma: Legal
Oregon: Legal
Pennsylvania: Legal
Rhode Island: Illegal
South Carolina: Legal
South Dakota: Legal
Tennessee: Legal
Texas: Legal with certificate of registration. Need permits for hybrids in the following counties: Aransas, Guadeloupe, Harris, Kaufman, Lubbock, Mason and Ward. Illegal in the following counties: Bastrop, Bell, Bexar, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Dallas, Denton, Hays, Lampassas, Lee, Milam, Montgomery, Tarrant, Throckmorton, Travis (includes Austin) and Williamson.
Utah: Legal
Vermont: F1-F3 Illegal. F4 and beyond legal.
Virginia: Legal with permit.
Washington: Illegal in the city of Seattle.
Wisconsin: Legal, however, Dane County to ban animal hybrids with domestic species.
West Virginia: Illegal
Wyoming: Legal

Disclaimer: All information was sourced from Hybrid Law. While we try and keep the site up to date the laws regarding Savannahs change from time to time. Please contact your local Fish and Wildlife department if you are considering adoption or have specific questions about your city, county or state.

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